About Us

Breakthrough Trading S.C. (BTSC) is a training, research and consulting company specialized in offering up to date Practical Solutions on personal, organizational and social development challenges. Registered in Ethiopia since 2019, and with working experiences in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa regions, Breakthrough strives towards innovating sustainable solutions and developing competences within the public, private, and the non-profit sectors. We do this through training, research, innovation, information dissemination and quality technical advice. At Breakthrough, we recognize that change is the most constant element in today’s globalized and highly dynamic world. For individuals and institutions to be able to perform better at solving individual, organizational and societal challenges, Breakthrough believes that we must devise new, strategic and creative ways of managing change. To achieve this, Breakthrough brings together a network of experienced professionals who have over 10-25 years of hands-on experiences in the field of applied research and development, strategic planning and management, project management, institutional development, and innovative technologies to develop efficient, effective and practical solutions to everyday challenges at home, work and in our communities. Breakthrough has national and international linkages with experts and organizations such as YENZA in South Africa. Moreover, Breakthrough has made its presence in South Sudan with its Franchise office Elilta Institute. This allows us to tap into a wide range of experienced expertise to undertake various training and research assignments.

We strive to give transformational trainings to the generation and become the key foundation for people’s satisfactory life.

Creating visionary, genuine, healthy, and wealthy generation. 

  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Team work
  • Reliability
  • Responsibility
  • Love
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Our organization is dedicated to creating a genuine, healthy, and affluent society. We are dedicated to fostering and maintaining positive attitudes in people's beliefs, habits, and productivity.

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Our products are designed and prepared for people who are looking for means to achieve their goals and/or for those who would like to solve their life problems yet they failed to do so. If you have the under listed unachieved goals no matter how big or vast your goals are, Breakthrough shall enable you to breakthrough your critical mind reprogram your subconscious mind and achieve your conscious goals.