Training Information

Training Delivery Modes

We have four different ways of delivering the training Packages.

  1. E-learning;
  2. Flash Disc/DVD
  3. In the classroom
  4. Intensive

E-learning: If you prefer to get the trainings online, the company has all the trainings on video and through your student account on you can take all the trainings at your convenience. 

Flash Disc/DVD: For those trainees having no online internet access our company also provide the training packages via Flash Disc/DVD.

In the Classroom: These are physical trainings given at the branches of Breakthrough Trading S.C. Our company arranges the package class in various options from Monday to Sunday in the morning, afternoon, night and weekends.

Intensive: This training way is given intensively for three days and one package is completed. People who cannot come to the training classes of breakthrough branches, this is the best option. The company organizes such intensive trainings at different cities in different times accordingly.

Training Venue

Breakthrough Trading S.C. provide face to face physical package trainings at branch offices found at Addis Ababa, in the regional cities and also outside Ethiopia when the number of trainees reach the minimum requirement. The company also organizes package trainings at high standard Hotel in different cities as per the demand of the trainees.

Training Languages

Breakthrough Trading S.C. believes every person should get training through the language He/She easily understand the training. Hence, currently our company provides package trainings in the following languages:-

  • Amharic
  • Afaan Oromo
  • Tigrigna and
  • English

Our company is also highly dedicated to provide package trainings as per the demand of the trainees in various local and international languages.