Powerful process Package (Yellow Package)

This training package is designed to enable people to deeply communicate with their inner selves and to get to know their desires. The training lets them balance their social, financial, physical, family, spiritual, and mental lives. It also creates new neuropaths through setting Short, Mid, and Long-term goals and action plans.

Lastly, this training package enables them to reprogram their subconscious mind through a scripting method.

Courses of Alpha Powerful Process Package are: -

  • Vision: know your purpose in life;
  • Dream: Design your big desires in all your seven life corners;
  • Goal Setting: Clearly set your Long, Mid, and Short-term goals that help you to achieve your dream lifestyle;
  • Action Plan: Equips you with the daily, weekly, and monthly activities required to achieve your goals;
  • Mental Bank: A subconscious mind programming technique that transforms your life.

Powerful Process has 30 contact hours.

Medium of instruction

We are multilingual! We provide our training in English, Amharic, Oromifa, Tigrinya, and (and soon in French language) languages.