Body Level Training

People at this level have the following characteristics;

  • They are mostly reactive;
  • They live in struggle;
  • They say life is happening to them;
  • Mostly they believe in luck;
  • They measure life by what they see, hear, smell, test & touch;
  • They don’t have many achievements in life.

Hence, the alpha package training included under this level is the Success Journey Package (Blue Package): -

Success Journey package (Blue Package) is the training package in Level one (Body level). It is designed to create an “Aha” moment and increase awareness to grow the mind's level of consciousness.

Courses of the Alpha Success Journey Package are:-

  1. Succeed with your potential: know your potential for success.
  2. Intentional Change: Awaken your desire for change.
  3. Take Responsibility: Equip yourself to take full responsibility for your life's success.
  4. Skill and Action for Success: Recognize the required skills and actions essential for success.

Alpha Success Journey’s total contact hour is 20 hours.

Medium of instruction

We are multilingual! We provide our training in English, Amharic, Oromifa, Tigrinya, and (and soon in French language) languages.